A1 Driving Lesson Prices

Is it worth getting cheap driving lessons?
Some people choose a driving school solely based on the hourly price. But which school will be more cost effective in the long run?

For example: 
60 cheap lessons at £20 = £1,200.
35 quality lessons at £23 = £805

Why learn with A1 Driving School?
There are numerous reasons why you would choose A1 Driving School, a few of them are listed below:

•    Learn with a grade A driving instructor  (highest grade possible to attain)
•    Competitive prices 
•    Simple bite size steps for manoeuvres with reference points
•    Get 121 tuition (so no car sharing with other pupils)
•    Great and easy to drive diesel car
•    Documented progress 
•    Mock driving tests
•    Motorway lessons

First Lesson

First trial lesson

1 Hour Lesson

Reduced from £24.50!

1hr and 30 min Lesson

Most popular!!

2 Hour Lesson

A saving of £3!

Intensive Course 30 Hours

30 Hours (3 weeks)