Taxi Training

A1 Driving School are able to offer services for those in need of Taxi driver tuition, our professional service are tailored to the needs of the individual in order for them to meet the standards required to pass the current taxi test with ease.  The course is available for drivers with no previous experience.

Taxi Training at A1 Driving School

Are you wanting to become a Private Hire Driver or Hackney Carriage?

Then the below criteria must be met.

You must be:

Of 18 years of age or over

Have a full British or EU Driving License for 1 or more years

Have got a basic understanding of spoken and written English

Click on the following link for the step by step guide to apply for a Taxi badge

If you meet the above conditions then let A1 Driving School give you driving lessons to prepare you for your practical taxi test. The A1 Driving Instructor will initially carry out an assessment of your current state of driving. Even though you have a full driving licence for a year or longer,drivers generally pick up bad habits and some of these bad habits can be faults. Some drivers may no longer be as observant as they should be. Some drivers start coasting whilst driving (keeping the clutch down whilst turning) So before going for a taxi test, driving lessons from A1 Driving School will help you remove the faults from your driving in order to be able to pass your taxi test first time round.

Practical assessment for Taxi test

The assessment will last for approximately 40 minutes. In order to pass the taxi driving test the maximum driver faults that are allowed is 9. You will fail the test if you have 10 faults or more. You will also fail if you make a serious or a dangerous fault.

The examiner will arrive at the given test centre at the given time. The examiner would then call out your name and then check your documentation.  The documents you must bring along with you are both parts of your driving licence – the photocard and the paper counterpart. If however you have the old style paper licence you then you must also bring along a valid passport.


You will then asked to read a number plate from distance of:

- 20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate

- 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate


After the eye sight test you will take the driving seat. The practical driving assessment will include:

- a manoeuvre where you’ll be asked to turn your vehicle to face the opposite direction

- around 10 minutes of driving without being given turn-by-turn directions by the examiner (independent driving)

- stops at the side of the road as if a passenger is getting in or out

- related questions, e.g. what to do if a passenger leaves property in your vehicle

- questions from the Highway Code and identifying traffic signs and road markings

You might also be asked to do an emergency stop.