Driving Lessons

What to expect from your very first driving lesson?

On your very first driving lesson, the A1 Driving School instructor will meet you at an agreed location, whether that’s home, an educational centre, work or other than that; at an appointed date and time. The instructor would introduce him/herself and show you his/her green driving instructor badge. Be sure to bring along both parts of your Provisional License with to your first driving lesson and present it to the instructor.  You would then be asked to read out a number plate to make sure you meet the eyesight requirement. If not previously done (on the phone etc) the instructor would ask you a few questions with regards to any past experience of driving or riding on the roads (don’t worry if you have no past experience) If required the instructor would then drive the car to a suitable location for you to swap over and get into the driving seat. Then the driving lesson would go ahead according to what your requirements are.

Driving Lessons in Bradford

At A1 Driving School driving lessons are delivered only by Approved Driving Green badge Instructors, so you know you are in safe hands. Thereafter driving lessons are conducted in a manner to suit the pupil’s individual’s needs and abilities. All our driving lessons consist of the pupil actually driving on the roads giving them plenty of confidence from the very first driving lesson. A1 Driving Lessons are geared to keep the pupil behind the wheel as much as possible, getting ample practical driving experience within the driving lessons.

For someone wanting to learn to drive from the very beginning then the following syllabus is stated through which the instructor will go through.

  • Mirrors, Vision & Use Driving mirrors
  • Gear Changing
  • Moving Away & Stopping
  • Clutch Control
  • Safe Driving / Stopping Position
  • Eco Safe Driving
  • Observations
  • Car maintenance and safety procedures.
  • Show Me Tel me

Click the following URL link to see the full syllabus covered : syllabus covered